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At Derimel Agency, we offer employers and job seekers our total commitment to quality services. As an employer, your goal must be to hire a great team. We take care of the process for you. With our access to a large number of job applicants, we can easily get you employees that have just the right skills.

Our unique approach from the beginning has been to foster extensive employment networks. The relationships we form with employers enable us to access rewarding jobs abroad for our applicants.

professional recruitment services

In the spirit of proving exceptional service, we ensure to be friendly and supportive to all applicants. We take you through the possibilities available including skilled and semi-skilled jobs. Working with us as an applicant means that you will have access to jobs from multiple sectors.


Recruiting Experts

We are completely hands-on in assisting you with the entire recruitment process. We handle all the relevant documentation from passports and visas to academic documents.
Let us know your aspirations and we will work together to find the right opportunity for you.